Month: March 2017


On a recent vacation, I decided to hop on the free Wi-fi at the hotel to do a little work and maybe even stream some Netflix to kill time before my friends were going to be ready to head out on our day’s adventure (challenges of being a morning person.)  I was shocked and disappointed at the speed of connectivity.

Being that I blog for a telecommunications and IT provider that helps customers get their business’ connected and maximize their bandwidth, I immediately started to wonder why this connection was so slow.  Was their network not set up to accommodate the number of users that were online?  Were they using old technology?  What kind of bandwidth did they have with their network provider?

I started doing a little research and discovered the bandwidth available in this area might have been the main culprit (while I’m also considering the overall wireless networking setup suspect.)  Am I so spoiled being in the North East/ Mid Atlantic  that it didn’t even occur to me that other remote areas of the country might not have access to the same services and bandwidth.  The answer?  Yes,  it looks like this is something that I’ve just taken for granted all these years.




Not to worry, regardless of  your exact locale, VETS can help get and keep your business connected,  Give us a call to discuss your business needs and we’ll work with you to craft a connectivity solution for your business and customer’s needs.

As as a side note, the state I was visiting isn’t even listed on this map and has an average of 16.81 Mb/s compared to the national average of  27.93 .  Who can guess where I was?