About Us


We are focused towards recruiting partners and government agencies for contracts allocated to Veterans, not the end user commercial business like the lawyer down the street. We partner with IT companies to help them source service providers and run low voltage cabling.


  • Establish face-to-face meetings to discover unique needs of each client and their environment
  • Review existing contracts to assess impact of new technology and possible ROI
  • Establish a budget and clearly define the required deliverables
  • Always consider all three key technology components: Hardware/Software, Cabling, Service Provider/Network
  • Consult with other vendors/systems being integrated


  • Account Executive will introduce the members of your VETS Service Team: Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Cabling Engineer and Service Provider (if applicable)
  • Create written documentation of goals, establish a timeline and project plan
  • Programming documentation ‘cut sheets’ are created for a well-designed voice/data network


  • Cabling (if required) will be completed ahead of the scheduled installation
  • Service Coordinator will carefully coordinate your new phone/internet/data center service
  • Hardware/software equipment will be programmed and tested at VETS' lab prior to the installation
  • Install the pre-configured technology solution with minimal downtime
  • Engineer will test all components of the new technology thoroughly


  • Engineer will transition to various points around the office for the first layer of training
  • Return day after implementation for the scheduled end-user training classes in groups of 10-20
  • Return again 1-4 weeks later for additional training and configuration alterations
  • Final documentation will be provided alongside of administrative training


  • Key systems components and service providers monitored 24X7 by industry leading remote monitoring software
  • Configuration changes and training ill be provided free of charge for 30 days following implantation
  • 1st month’s service provider bill review
  • Single source ongoing support and maintenance provided
  • Vendor support plans and phone/internet service renewal management

That's the VETS difference!